About Ron Reekers

Ronald Ray Reekers Artist Statement

My artwork as a record of ideas and time.  I am curious about many things in the world. I get a lot of pleasure from trying to depict what I see and feel.  I can say without any doubt that the creative task of Artmaking a part of me, no matter what else is going on.   

I include strong subjects and themes in my artwork. I love drawing or painting the object as a way to express the ideas. My soul expresses itself by portraying a scene, or an object, or an image. By modifying the Artwork I am able to express my passion.  For me, there must be a connection between the subject matter and my feelings.  In general, I strive to be more expressive and thoughtful about my work. 


Formal Education:

 It has been a long road on education in Art. I began at 12 years old doing my first painting on the back of a “paint by numbers” my mother gave me. In High School I was passionate about doing art in school and in my sketch book. I attend a few classes in Junior College and decided to do some concentrated studies in Mexico. In Mexico I studied at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende. I continued my University studies, but found it hard to support the family. Since I was a Draftsman in profession I changed my major to Aerospace Engineering. AE allowed me to put food on the table and still pursue Art. I always wanted to complete my formal studies in Art. So I completed my BFA in Drawing and Painting and Printmaking at Long Beach State.

California State University Long Beach BFA, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking

    Mesa College, San Diego, Fine Art

    Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Special Studies in Landscape

    Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Special Studies in Figure

2019 Art Exhibits

I have been showing my work since my return from Mexico in 1983. I’ve always believed that showing ones work is part of the Artmaking processes. Below is a brief overview of 2019.

Huntington Beach Art Center – Center on Center

Coastline College Gallery  – RIBBA 5

Firehouse Gallery Competition Sunset Beach – 2nd Place

Orange County Fair – 1st Professional Pastels, 1st Professional Mixed Media

Art in the Park Newport Beach and Huntington Beach

SoCalPAPA Back Bay, Art Venture Segerstrom

Irvine Global Village Art Exhibition