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Hello, my name is Ron Reekers

I’ve created this website as a n e-commerce site as well as to showcasing my art and my friend’s art.  You will find within the blog our ideas, processes and inspirations.

The goal is to welcome all into this creative community and increase our circle of friends in art making and appreciation. 



Art Critique January 2015

It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog about our critiques, so in good old fashion New Year resolution making, I rededicated myself to this effort.  We are going on 4 years of this critique and it has been an exciting fellowship of Artist.  I’m look forward to us continuing on and developing […]

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Art Critique May 2014

May’s critique welcomed two new members and of course they contributed wonderfully with the group.  Much of what we presented and talked about was our community with the world around us, and in particular the ‘natural’ world. Thom brought a dynamic painting focused on how two worlds can influence on each other.  This paintings graphically […]


Art Critique March 2014

This month we had a very eclectic group of art which often provoke the greatest amount of discussion, especial focused on art making and processes.  All participates seem to draw from nature, but in much different ways of expression and feeling. Donna presented a group of ‘ghost prints’ of waterfalls, or an idea of a […]

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