John’s Pine



Hand printed limited addition, signed by Artist Etching (intaglio) Print.  All prints are printed on archival paper and frame to archival standards.  Prints are shipped flat either without or without frames per customer’s request.

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This etching is in respect to my first Bonsai Teacher (Sensei).  He has a wonderful collection of Bonsai, but this one was particularly expressive.  How the tree comes out of the dirt, or yet how the tree spreads it’s roots into the soil is very important to show stability and strength (Nabari).  The first turn of the trunk gives the tree it’s personality and  motion into developing it’s beauty (Tachigari).  John’s Pine has all those qualities.

To make an etching print you cover the plate with ink then remove the surface ink leaving the ink in the etched area; i.e. intaglio process. This allows the artist to create detail lines, various textures and a look of age to the resulting print.  This print is one of currently ten different trees each with it’s own story to tell. The hope is that the viewer of these prints get the feeling of tree and/or the excitement of Bonsai; a living art.

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