Japanese Pine #13 Monoprint


Hand printed limited addition, signed by Artist Etching (intaglio) Print.  All prints are printed on archival paper and frame to archival standards.  Prints are shipped flat either without or without frames per customer’s request.


I have always been fascinated by the art of Bonsai, which is essentially a tree grown in a dish. The purity of form and expression of age is key to the aesthetics of Bonsai, and I find this concept truly inspiring. During my travels to Japan, I came across a beautiful tree in a park that caught my attention. I immediately made a sketch of it, and from that sketch, I was able to create an etching that exaggerated the form and expression of the Japanese pine.

This is an unique one of a kind hand painted ‘Monoprint’.  During the etching process explained below, some of the prints are selected out the be monoprints.  You are assured to get a unique work of art.

To create this print, I covered the plate with ink and then removed the surface ink, leaving the ink in the etched areas, using the intaglio process. This technique allowed me to create intricate lines, unique textures, and an aged look that added depth and character to the final print.

Currently, I have ten different prints of trees, each with its own unique story to tell. My hope is that when people see these prints, they can feel the spirit of the tree and the joy that Bonsai brings to life, as it truly is a living art.

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with frame

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