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Durable Masterpieces Every artwork, a unique, museum-quality creation, meticulously crafted, varnished for protection, promising lasting enjoyment. You will have a one of a kind and authenticated piece of artwork in your home. The artwork will bring your art collection to life and you will enjoy the artwork for many years to com.


Capturing Bonsai Beauty: A 20-Year Artistic Journey

Immerse in the allure of Bonsai through my original artwork, a heartfelt expression cultivated over two decades.

Aesthetic Mastery Unveiled

Bonsai fascination transformed into authentic depictions, where form meets harmony in a seamless blend of depicted nature and abstract aesthetics.

Expressive Soulful Artistry

Connecting deeply with Bonsai, each piece portrays its inherent beauty, modified to echo personal feelings and passions.

Emotional Resonance in Art

Striving for expressive thoughtfulness, my work delves into a profound connection between subject matter and personal emotions.

Roots of Bonsai Aesthetics

Explore the essence of ‘Bonsai,’ a Japanese art form centered on pure form and age expression, captured in each artwork.

Sketch to Expression

From actual Bonsai sketches, I exaggerate forms, creating mixed media masterpieces that unfold through watercolors, printmaking, acrylics, and pastels.

Durable Masterpieces

Every artwork, a unique, museum-quality creation, meticulously crafted, varnished for protection, promising lasting enjoyment.

Artist Statement

My artwork is an original and is an expression of the beauty of Bonsai.  I am fascinated by bonsai and I get a pleasure from trying to authentically and sincerely depict the aesthetic form.  I have been doing bonsai for over 20 years and creating artwork of the form for the same amount of time.  It is a part of me.

My work always includes strong Bonsai forms, and uses the object to express the idea of beauty and balance in harmony of my aesthetic and nature.  It is how my soul expresses itself by portraying a beauty bonsai – then modifying it to express my feelings and passions.  There must be a connection between the subject matter of a painting I’m creating and my feelings and attitudes about that subject.  In general, I strive to be more expressive and thoughtful about my work.

‘Bonsai’ is a Japanese word, which means essentially a ‘Tree in a Dish’.  The growth of the art of Bonsai in Japan is from this simple concept.  The focus is on the tree itself and not on any ornamentation.  The purity of form and expression of age is key in its aesthetics.  This etching is from a sketch made of an actual Bonsai tree.  From the sketch I tried to exaggerate the form and expression of the Bonsai and the Bonsai Artist.

To make a mixed media artwork I often start with a watercolor and then begin build the textures up using printmaking techniques.  I then begin to hand painting using acrylics and drawing with pastels.  I mound the work on a board and varnish for protection and to bring out the best in the colors and textures.

Other bonsai related artwork can be found at https://www.reekersart.com/product-category/prints/

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 in