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Art Opening – Synergizing Images Nov. 19th, 2011

It was revealing to revisit and display the collaborative between Tsubasa Berg, Ryan Melchor and myself completed a few years back.  These three collaborations documented relationships of new and old forces contributed to by “bouncing” off the other’s contributions.  Some obstacles were presented and interesting solution was found during this time.  Equally interesting was remembering how we came to those solutions through a process of integration.  As a result, we came together to build up each painting with layers of different ideas that work within a cohesive motif.  We all banded together to create three major themes: the rite of passage, the forces of nature and the power of the painted surface.  We grew through this experience and the work stands on its own as a testament to collaborations. 

Though the collaborative were the main focus of the show additional work was shown.  Some of these paintings were painting by Ryan or me as a direct compliment to the collaborative, while other sexplored science as art.  The complimentary nature of this worked add to the interest in the show. 

These paintings were shown one night only, but are available for showing on request.  Please sue the contact information and feel free to ask questions or request a personal showing.

SYNERGIZING IMAGES a collaboration of three Artists

J. Lewis gallery

906 E Santa Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, California 92701

2 thoughts on “Art Opening – Synergizing Images Nov. 19th, 2011

  1. Ron,

    That was quite a show from the looks of it. I love the work! Are all of those pieces paintings?


  2. Yeah it was fun and filled the Gallery. In this show all were paintings of fairly large sizes; monumental you know.

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