Bolsa Chica Night



All paintings are original paintings on canvas and will be shipped unframed.  I will deliver the painting ASAP, but please allow 4 weeks for delivery at most.

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In my artistic exploration, I am captivated by the emotive response to the night and the profound depths of grief. Through my latest work, set in the Bolsa Chica wetlands of Huntington Beach, I delve into the enigmatic realm of the nocturnal hours. Beginning at sunset, the passage of time witnessed a transformation of light, culminating in the shroud of darkness. In this painting, I seek to encapsulate the essence of that transition, evoking a poignant resonance within the viewer, inviting them to embrace the poignant beauty hidden within the shadows.

I make my oil paintings are from professional grade oil paints. I allow the brilliance of the colors to enhance the view and emotion of the work. The goal is to express the Southern California light and the feeling of the day in which I painted it.

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Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in