Shizuoka Temple #1 Monoprint



Hand printed limited addition, signed by Artist Etching (intaglio) Print.  All prints are printed on archival paper and frame to archival standards.  Prints are shipped flat either without or without frames per customer’s request.


As an artist, I am driven not only by the desire to create something beautiful, but also by the need to express the depth of emotion that lies within me. This etching holds a special place in my heart, not only for its depiction of the stunning Shinto Shrine, but also because it serves as a cherished memory of a moment in time shared with my beloved wife.

Since her passing, this print has taken on even greater significance for me. It is a tangible reminder of our precious time together and a tribute to the love and joy that we shared. With every glance, I am transported back to that magical day in Shizuoka, and my heart is filled with warmth and gratitude.

In creating this work of art, I have poured my soul onto the page, infusing it with all of the love, beauty, and emotion that I hold within me. It is a testament to the power of art to capture not only the external world, but also the essence of our innermost selves.

This is an unique one of a kind hand painted ‘Monoprint’.  During the etching process explained below, some of the prints are selected out the be monoprints.  You are assured to get a unique work of art.

To create this print, I covered the plate with ink and then removed the surface ink, leaving the ink in the etched areas, using the intaglio process. This technique allowed me to create intricate lines, unique textures, and an aged look that added depth and character to the final print.

Currently, I have ten different prints of trees, each with its own unique story to tell. My hope is that when people see these prints, they can feel the spirit of the tree and the joy that Bonsai brings to life, as it truly is a living art.

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