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San Pedro Artwalk 2/2/2012

A friend of mine and I attended the Art Walk in San Pedro last Thursday night (2/2/2012) and I was compelled to write this blog.  I write this not because of the Artwalk itself; though it was an eclectic mix of contemporary, folk and decorative arts was worth the effort.  I’m not writing because of the rich cultural diversity of the art where combinations of Latino, Asian and European art can be found if searched for, and oh yes, I’m not writing about a lifestyle that was inspiring to see as Artist make their way in the art-world through loft living, studio working spaces and commitment to their vision.  What I’m writing about is this gem of an Artist whose use of mixed media materials are above all interesting and whose skill in three-dimensional work is admired by my friend and me.  The Artist’s name is Hiroko, and her Gallery is at 382 W. 7th St, San Pedro .  In my eyes she is a deeply visceral Artist whose human figures exemplify our contemporary angst.  The elegance of the figure’s posture as it iseither fighting to free itself from some known or unknown constraint, or introverting within as the figure is burdened by an object’s weight or rope, speaks volumes for our times.  I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first San Pedro Artwalk for my friend and I, but after this discovery (and many other) it will not be our last.

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