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All drawing are original drawings on archival paper and will be shipped unframed.  The frame peace in the website gallery is for reference only.  The picture give the buyer an idea of size and possible framing options.  If you want it framed by me, contact me directly at  I will deliver the painting ASAP, but please allow 4 weeks for delivery at most.

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This drawing illustrates when emotion and the medium of pastels intertwine.  It is a drawing from a plein air painting at Crystal Cove; I can use the moment of the plein air fresh application of paint to guide me throw the scene. The intention is not to copy, but to reflect, to capture why this scene comforts me.  With this pastels I’m able to exaggerate the colors and amplified the values to produce a work that a visceral evaluation of solace amidst life’s trials. Pastels speak where words falter, unveiling my inner state. I’m searching for solace in each mark to find beauty amid the light.

I make my pastel drawings are from professional grade pastels on archival paper.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in