Walk Way Japanese Friendship Garden – Charcoal



The Patron is guaranteed to get an original work of art and not an artificial reproduction.  All drawings are drawn on archival paper and will be shipped framed in a shipping crate, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.  Please contact me if you would like the artwork hand delivered.

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This drawing was the first of three drawings I am doing for the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego. I have always found solace and surprise at the beauty and harmony of a Japanese Garden. I intended this drawing to be an introduction into the harmony found in the garden.

The bright tree in the background represents a cherry trees that one can see bloom in early Spring. The tree acts as a beacon that leads the way to the bridge. In Japanese Garden aesthetics Earth, Water and Air are key to giving you a sense of harmony. I wanted to complete the drawing with that aesthetics in mind.

Charcoal drawing consist of vine, compressed and pencil charcoal materials.  The image is created by adding and removing the charcoal until the image is draw to my standards.  The result is a dramatic scene contrasted by the black charcoal and white of the paper.  My hope is that the tactility of the original markmaking and luster of the charcoal creates an exciting effect for the purchaser of these drawing.

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